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The Best Towns on the Costa Blanca

The Best Towns on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca in Spain is famous for its clean beaches, friendly locals, great scenery and plenty of things to do and see. There are many towns and cities where you can plan to have your holiday at any budget. However, you need to do research to know the destination which suits your needs and budget. Here are the best towns on the Costa Blanca:

1. Benidorm

This is one of the areas that attract a lot of people mostly sun seekers. This city has been popular with the British for many years due to a wide variety of things you can engage on here. The city has great accommodation options, plenty of people to interact with, numerous things to do and favourable weather. While on your visit, you will want to have different types of great foods and Benidorm offers that. Being a cosmopolitan place, the city has plenty of places that offer a range of food from Chinese, German, Irish, Dutch, Latvian, traditional Spanish fayre and different types of cuisines from all over the world. It is important to understand that, although the city offers some of the best partying destinations, there are also quiet areas too which are ideal for families.

2. Javea

This is also a cosmopolitan town located up the coast from Benidorm. The city not only attracts the British but also Germans, Norwegians, Dutch and French too. The town is regarded more of a middle class and hence it is different from Benidorm because unlike Benidorm, Javea property does not consist of high-rise hotels and apartment blocks. The area has many British people and hence English bakeries, charity shops, cafes and supermarkets are common. If you are planning for a holiday in Javea, it has beautiful sandy beaches, plenty of bars and restaurants and numerous outdoor activities to engage in. The town also has its own English radio station (Bay Radio) where you can listen to news, advertisements and so much more while on holiday.

3. Altea

Altea is a short distance from Benidorm and it is popular with German families. There are many high-value apartments to rent in the area although its beaches are not as great as those of Benidorm. However, Altea’s seafront promenade is a great place to relax and enjoy a beer while enjoying your holiday.

4. Santa Pola

The town is located further south but it is nearer Alicante airport. The main activities in Santa Pola is tourism, fishing and boat trips. With a boat trip, you can visit the island of Tabarca which is an important marine reserve in Spain. The island is also the smallest permanent inhabited islet in Spain and while on the tour you can spot dolphins playing. There are good sea front restaurants, a rocky beach with turquoise water, an ancient fort and tidal pools that offer safe and private bathing.

5. Moraira

This area attracts rich people mainly from colder climates of Europe including Dutch, Germans, French and British. However, Moraira does not only attract wealthy people because there is a wide variety of accommodation options, restaurants, clubs and bars to choose from. You should however understand that bargains are very few due to high demands in the town. Besides fishing, the town boasts high quality grape production which is ideal in winemaking. The town has three sandy beaches that are popular with families.